Placing An Order With An Account vs Without An Account

An account is not required to place an order on our website. You will get the option to checkout using your account or checkout as a guest using just your email. We still encourage having an account because it will allow you to easily keep track of your order history, leave product reviews, and save your address information for quick reordering. Nice, huh?
There are some benefits to having an account, however.
With an Account: When you checkout with your own account, you can access saved address information for a quicker process! You can also view your past orders and current order details. Really it just keeps everything nice and tidy for you and for our customer service. 
As a Guest: You can still place your order as a guest, but you'll lose the ability to save all of your address information and order details in one place. You will still be able to find your order status online, but you will need to keep track of your order number, so don't lose it!

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