Cancel or Change an Order

Can I cancel or change my order? 
We get it: sometimes you just need to change the contents of your order; you realized that you have the wrong apartment  number, or maybe you forgot to add that adorable duck costume that you wanted to add, or you just found out the party you needed the costume for  was canceled; it happens!

Fortunately, we do have the option to change and/or cancel your order, but be aware that we don't have a huge amount of time. Our shipping department runs on the weekend (we try to be freaky fast), and it's very common that orders ship out only mere hours after they're placed! 

If you need to cancel, change your order, your best bet is to give us a ring (via the phone number on the left side) to take care of it as quickly as we can. 
Be sure to double check your order confirmation details to make sure everything is as intended!

Best of luck in your order changing, cancelling endeavors!

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